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1. Grab Your Ticket

Your ticket gets you access to all the virtual events featuring the best of the Vancouver startup ecosystem. Whether you are looking to build a team in a virtual world, get funding for your startup, or connect with companies hiring right now, we're here to connect, build community, and give you resources to level up. 

2. Download VirBELA &

    Create Your Avatar


For our November event, you'll need to create a customized avatar in the virtual world of VirBELA. After you download/install VirBELA, you'll be able to attend our Startup Fair, visit the virtual beach, take a speedboat ride, partake in some trivia, and most importantly network with the community. 

Instructions to get inside the VirBELA Virtual World

  1. Download the VirBELA client:

  2. Dress Avatar and click Save at the bottom right

  3. You will be teleported to the campus entrance! *Headphones recommended*


Quick User Guide

中文下载指南: Click here

We recommend you give the world a test run the day before the event. Here are some tours and info sessions happening on every Wednesdays:

  • Open Campus Tour: 9:00am, 11:00am, 1:00pm PT

       [Location: Orange Circle, behind the info booth]

  • Getting Started with VirBELA: 10:00am PT

       [Location: Conference Hall]

Get ready to have an amazing November!

Click event guide , we are updating every day .


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We are a local, grass roots,  volunteer-based group of entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors who have created a simple platform to grow the greater Vancouver startup community. Through our resources, we assist Vancouver startups with:

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