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How it works

1. Grab Your Ticket

Your ticket gets you access to all the virtual events featuring the best of the Vancouver startup ecosystem. Whether you are looking to build a team in a virtual world, get funding for your startup, or connect with companies hiring right now, we're here to connect, build community, and give you resources to level up. 

2. Download VirBELA &

    Create Your Avatar


For our November event, you'll need to create a customized avatar in the virtual world of VirBELA. After you download/install VirBELA, you'll be able to attend our Startup Fair, visit the virtual beach, take a speedboat ride, partake in some trivia, and most importantly network with the community. 

Instructions to get inside the VirBELA Virtual World

  1. Download the VirBELA client:

  2. Dress Avatar and click Save at the bottom right

  3. You will be teleported to the campus entrance! *Headphones recommended*


Quick User Guide

中文下载指南: Click here

We recommend you give the world a test run the day before the event. Here are some tours and info sessions happening on every Wednesdays:

  • Open Campus Tour: 9:00am, 11:00am, 1:00pm PT

       [Location: Orange Circle, behind the info booth]

  • Getting Started with VirBELA: 10:00am PT

       [Location: Conference Hall]

Get ready to have an amazing November!

Click event guide , we are updating every day .


Get Started

Get Started

Create some noise around the innovation in Vancouver!

Developers, new business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, students, community visionaries and successes.

#StartupVan #VSM2020

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Sign up to join the community 


Connect with fellow founders, mentors, advisors, domain experts and the great people working to make it awesome.

We are a local, grass roots,  volunteer-based group of entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors who have created a simple platform to grow the greater Vancouver startup community. Through our resources, we assist Vancouver startups with:

  • Attracting talent through interaction with the community and local universities

  • Learning, collaborating, and sharing experiences through curated activities and events

  • Gaining exposure with local and global media

  • Closing the ecosystem loop by enabling the giving back to new startups

  • Raising capital through value-add investors

Our goal is to be a one-stop source for local startups by connecting them with each other, investors and mentors so that we all can engage, grow, and help build a thriving entrepreneurial community.

Fill out the form below if you want to join Startup Vancouver’s general newsletter list, or Volunteer with Startup Vancouver.

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